Lesson Prices & FAQ’s

How much do lessons cost?

Our lessons are competitively priced at £47.50 for a course of 5 consecutive weeks, with each lesson costing £9.50. When making a booking, parents will not be asked to wait until the start of a new block of lessons. Instead, you’ll simply be asked to pay for however many lessons that are remaining in the block.

Do we offer one-to-one or one-to-two lessons?

We offer one-to-one and one-to-two lessons at Woodhouse Grove School on a Saturday and Sunday. Our one-to-one lessons are priced at £100.00 for a block of 5 consecutive weeks, with each lesson costing £20.00. Our one-to-two lessons are priced at £130.00 for 5 consecutive weeks, with each lesson costing £26.00 (£13.00 per child). Our one-to-two lessons are ideal for two siblings or relatives to swim together, or even two friends.

How do I pay for the lessons?

Lessons can be paid for by cash, cheque, or via online banking, and must be paid for in advance. Unfortunately, credit / debit cards cannot be accepted. Cheque’s are made payable to ‘Aqua Babies Yorkshire’.


How do I enrol onto a course of lessons?

If you’d like to enrol a child / children on to one of our courses please call Andrew Hamilton on either of the following telephone numbers: Home: (01535) 653742 / Mobile: 07595 422079. You can also send an e-mail via the 'Contact Us' icon on our home page.

What’s the procedure if I want to rebook for another course of lessons?

We encourage parents to rebook with us, and lesson rebooking & payment week takes place on week 5 of every lesson block. If a parent wishes to rebook for another course we ask them to pay on rebooking and payment day. Parents will receive an email reminding them in advance of rebooking day. If any parent wishes to cancel their place we ask that they kindly let us know on week 5, so that we have sufficient time to refill any vacant spaces.

What’s the policy regarding lessons missed?

If a child misses 1 or 2 lessons we don’t offer any discount. If a child misses 3, 4, or 5 lessons we do offer a discount. Rather than paying the full amount, we ask parents to pay half the value of each lesson missed to reserve a child’s lesson place. For example, if a child misses 3 lessons, rather than paying £47.50, we ask parents to pay £33.25, saving them a total of £14.25.


What happens in the event of a problem with the swimming pool or poor weather conditions?

If there’s a problem with the swimming pool such as high or low chlorine levels or cold water temperatures, or poor weather conditions such as snow, we’ll contact all parents via text message. By texting parents it’s a much faster and less intrusive way of passing on the message. We also ask that parents keep us informed should their mobile number change at any time.

Can I use my camera / mobile phone on poolside?

For child protection reasons the use of camera’s and / or mobile phones is not permitted on poolside.

Is disabled access available at Woodhouse Grove School?

Yes disabled access is available. A disabled lift is available at Woodhouse Grove School upon entry to the building.


Do I need to bring a swimming cap?

The management at Woodhouse Grove School request that all children wear a swimming cap during their lessons. By doing so it will help to protect the pool filters from becoming clogged with hair and will therefore ensure that the pool operates more efficiently and uses less chlorine.

Do I need to bring armbands / goggles?

We provide all the equipment during the lesson, including armbands. All we ask for is that the child arrives on poolside wearing the appropriate swimwear. We ask that girls are dressed in a swimming costume, and boys in a pair of shorts / trunks that don't stretch below the knee. Goggles are necessary for those children learning backcrawl and frontcrawl.

Can I bring younger siblings onto poolside to watch the lessons?

Provided that younger siblings are kept under close supervision we have no issues allowing them onto poolside to watch lessons. Watching older brothers or sisters during lessons can have a positive effect when it’s a younger sibling’s turn to learn to swim!