Our Approach

We benefit from having almost 20 years experience in the industry, having established the business in October 2002. During this time, we’ve developed and refined our methods of teaching swimming. We focus on making sure each stroke is taught correctly, as a child will never become an efficient swimmer if they haven’t been educated in the correct mechanics of each stroke.

We take time in the early stages of a child’s education to make sure that they grasp the fundamentals of each stroke, and in turn they reap the rewards further down the line. Unlike some other swim schools and local authority swimming lessons, we DON’T teach ‘doggy paddle!’ Instead, we only teach recognised strokes starting with breaststroke, before moving onto backcrawl and then frontcrawl.

What we do image

What We Offer

No more than 4 children per class

Lessons suitable for children aged 3 ½ years and upwards

30 minute lessons

Teachers based in the water at all times

Fully qualified, experienced Swim England teachers

All equipment provided during the lesson including armbands

All teachers DBS Checked

Swim England Duckling & Distance Awards

We issue Duckling awards to younger children as an incentive to help encourage and motivate them towards their main objective of swimming unaided. (These awards range from Duckling 1 to Duckling 4). As a child’s confidence and technique improves, and they become more competent at breaststroke, backcrawl and frontcrawl, they’ll be rewarded with distance awards to reflect their achievements. (These awards range from 5 metres up to 1,000 metres).

Swim England Challenge Awards

The Challenge awards allow children to put into practice all the swimming strokes they’ve been taught, and challenges them to complete various timed swims, distance swims (400 metres / 800 metres) and skills (sculling, treading water, surface dives etc.). Once our swimmers have completed their Gold Challenge award, they’re ready to join a swimming club.